Co-Founder | CEO | CTO

Gilbert’s three passions growing up were math, science and photography, and Lumeni is the palette he uses to blend all three disciplines together into something very special.

His focus on technology and innovation has helped Lumeni maintain its position as a relevant player in the post-production industry.

As the new CEO, Gilbert is excited about the opportunities he sees for creating a truly great workplace, and sharpening the company’s competitive edge with services and tools that can’t be found anywhere else.

Rumor has it that he has invented a pair of secret visionary goggles giving him the ability to peer into the future and continue to develop cutting-edge entertainment solutions.

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelors of Science in Psychology – magnum cum laude

Specialties: Vision & Solutions

Post Wisdom: “It’s easy to love what you do if you do what you love.”



Senior Colorist | Technical Director

In Italian Basta means “enough,” but Dave’s drive and talent are limitless. His passion for color, titles, VFX and movie trailers led to the development of Lumeni’s Dynamic Interactive Review. Dave’s strong background in color science, photography and digital technology enables him to dig deep and create magic on the Baselight, one of the world’s most respected DI finishing systems.

He and his team strive to “Deliver Perfection” on every project, and are admired for tirelessly working in real time with some of the most perfection-hungry senior studio execs in Hollywood.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography and Video

Specialties: Perfection & Patience
Post Wisdom: “QC your final work in the venue or device of your
target audience, and then do it again.”



Director of Digital Technology
Senior Technical Artist

Brad’s first computer was an Intel 486 that he had to share with his brothers – but that was just enough to get things started. When all his friends brought pre-made computers to college, Brad was building his own from the most powerful components available. He studied animation, became a graphic artist, and soon found himself employed at Lumeni. Using his unique combination of skills, Brad was instrumental in developing Lumeni’s advanced pipeline of graphic workstations, servers and render farms. He plays a key role in daily operations and future planning at the studio.

The Lone Star State native is,however, equally valued for his deep appreciation and knowledge of Texas BBQ. Never pass up a chance to join him for dinner.

Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Environmental Design – cum laude
University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts
Master of Fine Arts in Film, Video & Computer Animation

Specialties: Versatility & Efficiency
Post Wisdom: “Crap in crap out.” Or “There’s gotta be a better way to do this”



Compositing Supervisor

Sean’s focus on delivering perfection drove him to become one of the most respected instructors in the compositing field. Among his talents are Nuke stereoscopic conversion and compositing, cloud tank effects, nuclear explosions (it’s true); mixing live action with various graphic and photographic elements, including matte paintings; and the best tomatoes in the universe (again, true).

On a typical day at Lumeni, Sean designs and manages VFX and titles for trailers and features.

Southern Adventist University
Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Character Animation
Savannah College of Art and Design
Master of Fine Arts in Visual Effects

Specialty: Consistency
Post Wisdom: “Post is not an afterthought; it’s where the magic happens”



Graphics | Editorial

Andrew’s love of film began when he was 9 years old, the year his father brought home an Elmo Regular-8mm movie camera, and his passion for the medium has never waned.

An award winning music video director and title designer for artists such as Jane’s Addiction, Amy Grant, OMD, Dick Dale and Suzanne Vega, as well as a respected TV and film title designer, Andrew brought an eclectic, edgy vibe to the creative team at Lumeni.

He has maintained a daily journal for over 20 years (which some say he keeps hidden away in a secret underground man cave). Andrew’s current tool kit includes DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Smoke, Adobe Creative Cloud, and of course, his trusty 8mm Elmo.

University of California, Riverside
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Arts
University of Southern California Graduate Film School

Specialties: Curation & Creation
Post Wisdom: “Be organized, then begin.”



Graphics Producer

If you ask Rob to tell you something about himself you’ll likely hear crickets. But if you follow him around for a while you’ll discover that he’s a staple in Hollywood’s feature film post-production world.

Nothing gets past Rob, except a donut here and there. Trailer graphics are technically tricky and full of surprises, and Rob loses sleep ensuring graphic integrity for some of the most demanding Trailer Finishers in the biz.

When Rob arrived at Lumeni almost 10 years ago, his resume read like a who’s who of Hollywood post-production facilities. After starting with the TV In Search of…” (with Leonard Nimoy), Rob was employed at Kaleidoscope Films, Trailer Park, Cimarron, Pacific Title & Art Studio, Warner Bros, Paramount, Orion, MGM, 20th Century Fox and Columbia. Along the way he worked with such notable filmmakers as ‎Guillermo del Toro, Peter Weir, Tony Scott, James Cameron and Roland Emmerich.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys restoring vintage muscle cars.

It doesn’t matter where he went to school; he’s that good.

Specialties: Checkers & Details
Post Wisdom: “You’re looking at it.”



Co-Founder | Retired CEO | Advisory Consultant

Tony served Lumeni as President, Creative Director and CEO. Those positions kept him so busy that he never had time for a vacation in 38 years. He decided that the only way he could get some R&R would be to buy an RV and travel his way through retirement. The only problem is that he is still an essential person to the day-to-day operations at Lumeni. Thanks to satellite internet, Tony will be able to work remotely from his RV as a trusted advisor.

His contributions to Lumeni are impossible to list in a short bio like this, but suffice it to say that there would not be a Lumeni without Tony.

IBM Programming School
Associates Degree
School of Hard Knocks

Specialties: Slow and Steady
Post Wisdom: “It’s only a cartoon”

Nichelle Young

Senior Account Manager | Executive Assistant to CEO


Rosa Avila

Accounting Manager | Human Resources


Alejandra [Alex] Vasquez

Receptionist | Client Services


Events | Client Services | Digital Cinema Theater Booking

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